8 Insanely Easy Ways to Get the Best Brows of Your Life

Because your eyes are the window to your soul, your brows are the v chic curtains that fancily frame your face and give it structure. So, it’s important that you don’t sleep on doing them and actually give them the TLC they deserve. Thankfully: makeup artist and brow wiz Cyndle Komarovski served up 11 easy ways, so you can properly fill-in, feather, create a realistic-looking tail, and more, taking you from brow to br-WOW. Too cheesy? Whatever. These tips are good, keep reading.

1. Use flicking motions to create the most realistic-looking hairs.

Okay, please, please, please do not fill in your brows with one single, heavy-handed strike of any product—albeit a pencil, like Revitalash Hi-Def Brow Pencil, or powder, try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo. Tiny hair-like strokes are the goal here, so you’ll want to use small flicking motions to apply said pencil (or an angled brush dipped in brow powder—you pick the poison, remember?) in the direction your hair grows.

2. Keep the tail of your brow in check.

Overextending the tail of your brows can create a droopy effect, drawing your face down, making you look sad. Your eyebrows naturally stop at a place that lifts your face up and out, which is what you want to maintain. To measure where the tail of your brow needs to end, place a brow pencil diagonally at your nostril and line it up with the side of your eye. Where the pencil hits your brow bone is where the end of your eyebrow should end (or can be extended to) without it looking fake.

3. Create a believable arch.

Pointy arches = a “Hi, I look surprised and/or mad but I’m not even!” kind of vibe. So, if you weren’t born with a high arch but want to create a subtle one, hold a brow pencil against your nostril and line it up diagonally with the center of your eye. That’s exactly where any arch should go naturally.

Next, take a spoolie brush—this Duo one will do—to help brush your eyebrow hairs downward. Then, with your brow product of choice (a pencil and a light touch is key here!), ever so slightly alter your brow shape, creating a slight peak where your natural arch is. Finally, fluff your brow hairs back into place with your spoolie so they fall into place and so that the arch looks natural.

4. Buff out any harsh lines.

Mapping out the shape of your brow with a pencil and then not diffusing it can be a total tell-tale sign that they’re, well, drawn on. A fast fix? Create your shape by using tiny, hair-like strokes, regardless of whether you use a pencil, an angled brush topped with brow powder, or a brow mascara, and then use a spoolie to buff out any harsh lines with subtle back and forth motions.

5. Give your brows some shape.

Unruly, brushed-up brows are in, as you know (thank you, Glossier, for making them a true thing), so I’m not referring to that type of look. What I am talking about are unshaped brows that, with the help of a little grooming slash shaping, can really give more structure to your face. Don’t have time to see a brow expert? Use your natural brow shape (where most of your brow hair is is where your shape lies) and tweeze any strays—these Tweezerman tweezers are cute!—that fall outside of that shape for perfect arches.

6. Tend to your sparse spots.

If you’ve fallen victim to over-plucking in the past—I have, too, it’s okay—know that you’re not alone. To mask sparseness, fill in any spots with brow powder using an angled brush or you can opt for a pencil. Then, groom your brows into place with a brow mascara—whether clear or tinted, like Glossier Boy Brow.

7. Use concealer below your brows instead of highlighter.

Outlining your brows with highlighter can put too much of a spotlight on your arches. Instead, opt for a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin—Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer has alllll the skin tone options—to brighten up your brow area.

8. Fill in your brows with a light application and intensify from there.

As a general rule: it’s always easier to add product but taking away is always harder. The same goes for applying too much brow product at first, which can honestly make you look entirely different—and even angry. So build your brow slowly. Another key to making your brows look darker yet natural? Not getting the formula you’re using on your skin. If you have a bald spot you’re trying to fill in, that’s one thing, but if you’re just trying to deepen your brow hair color overall, your best bet is a brow mascara, like L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper, that you can lightly swipe on for a more dramatic yet believable effect.

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